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Boat owners admittedly derive a great deal of pleasure from their watercrafts but are also aware that they are very high maintenance possessions. There are numerous complications and problems that can arise from a boat’s heavy use. One of these is the exposure of the craft’s transducer, which is located on its underside, to the salt water. Over time this can cause it to become damaged and in n of A simple yet very effective alternativ by inventor Robert Gene Waller. Mr. Waller began to conceive of the idea in approximately 1998 through his own experience of owning a boat for 51 years and having to clean his transducer constantly.

If you think like me, a reliable fish-finder is as important as your tackle and bait. However, keeping my fixed transducer free of barnacles and aquatic plants became a weekly chore. As I searched countless fishing and boating magazines as well as the Internet for a solution to my maintenance nightmare I came across the Transom Lift Mount. It was easy to install and works great! If you own a fish-finder and keep your boat in the water, it doesn't make sense to be without the Transom Lift Mount.

Lanny L. Lewis, CRS, GRI
Prudential, Fox & Roach REALTORS - Fenwick Island, Delaware